Citrix Streaming Profiler

Citrix Streaming Profiler 6.0

Offers a set of COM object that give Citrix customers a programmatical interface
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Citrix Systems, Inc.

Using the Profiler SDK to create large numbers of profiles in one batch can be more efficient than creating them through the user interface.
The Streaming Profiler Software Development Kit (SDK) offers a set of COM objects and interfaces that give Citrix customers, distributors, and partners a programmatical interface into the Citrix Application Streaming Profiler.
The Profiler SDK views a profile as a set of collections that server as containers for their respective data, and offer a standardized method of adding, removing, and iterating through profile data. For example, a profile contains a collection of targets (client workstation environments), each of which contains a collection of scripts and a collection of target applications. Developers can write in a platform-independent medium, and scripts can be written in C , C#, or VBScript.

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